Um / About

[artist statement]

Ég trúi á heilaga list, almáttuga
listgáfuna og sköpunarkraft hugar og handa.
Ég trúi á heilaga list, gjöfula arfleifð hennar og innblástur
sem getinn er af listrænum anda. Fædd af andagift alheims,
pínd í úthlutun listamannalauna og niðurlægð, dáin og grafin.
Sem sígur niður í lágmenninguna en rís eins og ekkert sé
aftur upp til hins háleita og mun þaðan líta niður og dæma listunnendur
og andófsmenn. Ég trúi á listrænan anda, hið heilaga ríkisrekna sýningarrými,
samfélag útvaldra, fyrirgefningu fúsksins,

upprisu nafns míns og eilíft líf.

I believe in Art, the gift of Art almighty
and man’s artistic power. I believe in Art, it’s generous heritage
and Inspiration conceived by the spirit of creational power.
Born of Cosmic Brainstorm, suffered under the allocation
of artist’s grants, humiliated, died and was buried.
Thus it descends to low culture but rises up again to the sublime
from where it glances down to judge both friends and foes.
I believe in the spirit of Art, the public state gallery,
society of chosen ones, forgiveness of blunder,
the resurrection of my name and life everlasting.


Freyja Eilíf is a visual artist living and working in Reykjavík. She graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Arts in 2014 and founded Ekkisens Art Space same year which she has directed till this date along with leading Ekkisens projects in different corners of the world. Freyja works with mixed media and very often found materials. She has published several artist books and also founded Listvísi, an art magazine in 2012, edited it’s first four issues and now sits on the Listvísi editorial team. Her art practice is  focused on playing with visually perceptive language, amplification of things mixed together, connecting the internal and external with topics which can range from political issues, occult sciences and psychology from both a personal and societal perspective. Freyja has also made work through words and text, creating a performance through writing.